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To date, there is not one Australian customer who has returned their BrainTrainerPlus. Any individuals or aged care homes that have purchased the BrainTrainerPlus have rated it as the machine that stimulates and the machine that provokes memory.

The BrainTrainerPlus creates positive vibes when playing. Its games are entertaining, interactive, therapeutic and positively stimulate both physical and mental wellbeing of all participants.

The BrainTrainerPlus client base is primarily the aged for two simple reasons. Firstly the BrainTrainerPlus software provides benefits in fighting mild dementia while provoking memory, and secondly its easy to use hardware is especially adapted for people with impaired motor skills. Our clientele includes persons suffering with mild dementia (young and old), neurodegenerative disorders, stroke victims and visiting relatives (especially the grandkids!).

At its best the BrainTrainerPlus results in a lively interaction between residents, visitors and staff. At its second best it results in self-rewarding personal play time. Imagine the Price is Right, Blankety Blanks, or a round of Trivial Pursuit at the push of the button in the middle of your common rooms.

The BrainTrainerPlus superpower is playing towards healing.

Here’s what some customers are saying:

“The Residents are getting so much out of the BrainTrainerPlus machines. It has given them a real confidence boost and increased their self-esteem. We have one Resident in particular that we have to prise off the BrainTrainerPlus.” Southern Cross Care Nanango – Karinya (QLD) - Liz Clark, Facility Manager

“I like the BrainTrainerPlus because it keeps my mind working and active. Just like working out your legs and body – you need to do that to keep fit. The BrainTrainerPlus works your mind – keeps my mind going and keeps my brain fit. As the saying goes “Use it or loose it”.” Blue Care Carina – Blue Gum (QLD) - Nancy Marsden - resident

“It was ok.  I was dubious of it at first, but I had fun once I knew what I was doing.  I liked the games the most.” Blue Care Carina – Blue Gum (QLD) - Ray Uhlmann - resident

“I enjoy the time on the BrainTrainerPlus.  I especially like the music quizzes. I enjoy getting on it in the morning when my brain is more alert.” Blue Care Carina – Blue Gum (QLD)  - Ina Mark - resident

“I like the BrainTrainerPlus.  I am happy to do it anytime.  I like the daily trainer and how I can work up the levels – its good!” Blue Care Carina – Blue Gum (QLD) - Harriet Grace - resident

“WMQ trialled a BrainTrainerPlus at one of its aged care communities. Once shown how to use a BrainTrainerPlus, residents were quick to start using it, including those with limited motor skills. When asked what he thought about it, one elderly resident used the word 'exciting' to describe his experience using the BrainTrainerPlus - a word staff had not heard him use before. The BrainTrainerPlus has had the unexpected benefit of promoting intergenerational play and interactions between residents and their relatives” Wesley Mission Queensland – Emmaus Village - Bronwyn Dawe, Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator