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BrainTrainerPlus stimuleert


The BrainTrainerPlus is a recreative portal designed to stimulate cognitive capabilities and memories for the aged through the power of games. BrainTrainerPlus was initially created in the Netherlands and was a gift from a concerned son to his Mother who had recently been placed into an aged care facility. He didn’t want her to be bored, he wanted her to remember what she was slowly forgetting, and he wanted something they could play together during his visits.

The BrainTrainerPlus was created based on theories citing benefits of play therapy on people with the following conditions- old age, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Depression, and just lack of intellectual stimulus. Seven years on, this spectrum of games combined with an especially adapted console, BrainTrainerPlus has positioned itself as a communal beacon of stimulus in over 1,000 aged care facilities throughout the Netherlands.  

BrainTrainerPlus has established itself as a beneficial tool for both clients and support workers. It induces interaction, cognitive action and entertainment. BrainTrainerPlus primarily aims to dust off the blanket of boredom that can persist in aged care facilities while enabling and entertaining the minds of the clients.

BrainTrainerPlus has arrived in Australia and is already a thriving recreative tool in over 70 aged care facilities scattered nationwide. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a free trial.

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