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Visible results from brain training computer in QLD

By Katie McKeown - May 19, 2019

A Bundaberg aged care community is seeing positive results from the use of brain training technology designedto stimulate the memories and cognitive capabilities of older people with dementia.

A Brain Trainer Plus computer gifted to Carinity Kepnock Grove is keeping its residents mentally active andengaged through the power of games.

The technology was created based on theories citing the benefits of play therapy on older people and those withdementia or Alzheimer’s or suffering from depression.

Carinity Kepnock Grove Residential Manager Jodie Little says the Brain Trainer Plus is making a huge differencein the lives of residents with dementia.

“The technology has helped some dementia care residents to better engage with others. They reminisce, theytalk about the old days it also allows them to feel accomplished and rewarded,” Jodie says.

“Residents that I had not heard speak or talk to other residents were engaging and laughing, we all had tears ofjoy in our eyes. We have quite a few residents that request the brain trainer so they can use it at their ownleisure.

“Activities on the device range from trivia and quizzes to games matching colours and recognising old songs, allintellectual stimulus designed to sharpen residents’ minds and enhance their thought processes.

“There are different levels from quite easy to very difficult so anyone at all can use equipment. With its touchscreen it’s very easy to use.”

Costing around $5,000, the Brain Trainer Plus machine was purchased with funds raised by Friends of KepnockGrove, a group of Bundaberg residents which has been supporting local seniors since 1994.