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The BrainTrainerPlus console is a purpose built user-friendly device for people of all ages and motor skills. Although slightly larger than your regular household PC, it is still compact and easily portable weighing in at just 10kgs.

Its most accessible feature is that it has no buttons and is a simple to use touch screen console. It is designed specifically for people with visual and motor skill degeneration, which is the primary reason for its larger size. The BrainTrainerPlus easy to use design immediately dispels fears of computer use. This machine quickly enables participants to build their self-confidence by simply playing.

It sits comfortably in a communal room, hallway or your Grandparents living room. The BrainTrainerPlus only needs a small desk or table near electricity to stand on, a comfy chair to sit in, and a lovely cuppa to accompany playtime. Internet connection is only required for the updates.

It is packaged in a custom made branded case made from recycled tyres that contains the following items:

  • All in one PC – 19.5” 1600x900 Multi-touch screen 1TB with 1-year warranty
  • 1 network cable
  • 1 USB Keyboard
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Screen cleaning cloth
  • Technical support
  • Carry bag



So this is where the fun begins.

The BrainTrainerPlus has more than 20 types of games with thousands and thousands of playful questions, answers and interactions required. Each game or puzzle has levels with the idea being you may start as a beginner, but you will always end as a winner.

The BrainTrainerPlus offers individual access through a login. This option is built-in to take users straight to their game of choice at their own level and so they can commence playing right where they finished off.

The BrainTrainerPlus is also designed to personalise either on an aged care facilities behalf or because Granny wanted it all about her and why not?  You can add specific questions or photo albums to spark up the old thinking cap and stroll down memory lane.

Our software package includes:

  • *2 years guarantee on BrainTrainerPlus software
  • *2 years of updates (minimum of 2 updates per year). Updates can consist of:
    • Software update
    • New content
    • New puzzles
    • New games

After two years there is a small fee to continue updating and upgrading our software. However if you opt not to participate in this, the BrainTrainerPlus will still work effectively.

Click here to access the BTP User Manual

Click here to access the BTP User Manual Videos